The Truth About Trailers – Debunking Mobile Home Myths

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The Truth About Trailers – Debunking Mobile Home Myths

There are many misconceptions about mobile homes. Though the on-site staff of any place that offers mobile homes for sale might argue with these myths, it is up to science and research to set aside the concerns of the average American, worried about the perceived risks of living in a manufactured home.

Myths, Busted
Myth #1 – Mobile homes are at a higher risk for tornado, fire and other disasters. This is statistically inaccurate. While unsecured mobile homes may be more vulnerable to tornadic weather, there is very little difference in the number of manufactured homes and site-built homes in terms of tornado damage, annually. In addition, fire risk is actually lower in mobile homes than traditional homes.

Myth #2 – Mobile homes are not as energy efficient as site-built homes. This is outdated information. Thirty years ago, energy efficiency was not a priority for mobile home manufacturers. Today’s manufactured homes are a different story. Manufacturers have made great strides to maximize the energy efficiency of their units in recent years.

Myth #3 – Manufactured housing is difficult to finance. This is also outdated information. In today’s marketplace, mobile home manufacturers provide many flexible financing options for consumers, allowing many to finance their mobile homes and property the same way they would finance a traditional, site-built home.

The Truth of the Matter
Ultimately, the truth is that mobile homes are no more dangerous than any other living situation. Though there may be risks inherent in any home, be it older piping or wiring or faulty fire alarms systems, it is uncommon to hear whispers of why living in a house is ill-advised. The only reason most people have such misconceptions about manufactured homes is that they are already so common, and so widely-purported.

By simply taking the time to browse a retailer where mobile homes are for sale, today’s consumer can see that the only real risk they have in investing in a manufactured home is the risk of saving a great deal of money!

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