3 Mistakes Students Often Make When Searching for Student Housing

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3 Mistakes Students Often Make When Searching for Student Housing

Searching for student housing can be a difficult process, especially when you don’t know what to look for. Many students make mistakes that cost them time and money without even realizing it! This blog post will help you avoid these common missteps so your search for the University of Wyoming off-campus housing is more enjoyable and less stressful.

Be Sure to Visit the Property Before Signing a Lease

This seems like common sense, but many people sign leases without ever seeing the place that they’ll be living in for an entire year. When you see it, take note of things like how close it is to campus, if there are any pests or mold issues and whether or not the apartment is furnished.

Make Sure Your Roommates Are Reliable and Trustworthy

You’ll want to know if you have any roommates in advance, so it’s important not to sign the lease before talking with them and making sure they’re trustworthy!

Many people often take on roommates without even meeting them, which can lead to a difficult living situation. It’s important to be wary of your roommate, and research whether they are reliable and trustworthy before signing anything

Find Out if You’ll Be Living in a Safe Neighborhood

You should be looking for a safe neighborhood with low crime rates, that is close to campus so you can commute easily! It’s important not only to do research on the apartment complex itself but in the vicinity as well. You want your new place to feel like home after all!

It’s also easy to find out if any crimes have been reported around campus by doing a simple search and looking up crime maps online. If there are increased levels of theft or vandalism, this can affect the price and the safety of your home.

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