5 Reminders Before Staying in a Short-Term Beach Rental

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5 Reminders Before Staying in a Short-Term Beach Rental

Moving into a vacation home for months is fun and exciting. Whether you’re there for work, a vacation, or both, here are tips to help you make the most of your stay. Give these suggestions a try.

Be a Good Neighbor

If you’re renting a short-term beach lodging in Virginia Beach, take the time to say hi to people in the community. If you have a dog, be mindful of your neighbors, and keep your pet from barking throughout the night.

Follow the Rules

Not all rental homes allow pets. If you found a property that allows pets but with certain conditions, comply with those rules. If you break them, you could face a hefty fee. For instance, one of those rules may include not allowing your pet to roam. Secure your pet inside your rental if you need to go somewhere without your canine friend. Otherwise, that could put your pet in danger.

Observe Quiet Hours

If you’re near a military base, other renters you’ll encounter may turn out to be service men and women. Be mindful of their odd working hours. Some may sleep during the day, so keep the noise down.

Enjoy the Town

One of the best things about moving to Virginia Beach is the community. Talk to people. Spend time outdoors. It’s not every day that you’ll have access to the beach. Once you go, that’s one of the things you’ll miss, so make the most of your time. Jog, swim, or walk along the shores.

Join Local Activities

Have fun interacting with the locals. Check out local activities you may join. Volunteer if you want. That’s another way to experience life in the community. If you want the small-town experience, staying for a few months will help you get a solid feel for the people, the place, and the community.

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