Are Companies that Claim “We Buy Houses in Knoxville” Legitimate?

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Are Companies that Claim “We Buy Houses in Knoxville” Legitimate?

If you’re planning to sell your family home or inherited one that you don’t want/need, you may be wondering how to skirt the real estate broker and sell an easier way. While it’s still not seen as the most common option, home investment companies sayingwe buy houses in Knoxville,” can make the process much easier and straightforward. If you’re like many people, you wonder if these companies do what they claim and how they work.

How Investment Companies Work

The home investor you choose comes to your home and assesses it so that they can make notes. Sometimes, they can offer you a quote on the spot and sometimes, they must confer with the rest of the team first. However, you should get a quote that same day or the next.

That quote is likely to be less than full market value for the home, but it comes without a lot of stipulations. You don’t have to make any improvements on the house before selling, and you don’t have to deal with commissions. Therefore, you get the entire amount of the offer, usually in cash or check. Plus, the company will cover any closing costs and allow you to pick your closing date, putting you in control of the situation.

The Benefits

Of course, the primary benefit is that you can sell your home in a week or so instead of waiting months and putting more money into the house through improvements. You can use this service to avoid foreclosure. If the lender is threatening foreclosure on the property, you do have options, such as renegotiating for more favorable terms. However, a home investment company offers a quick sale and money in your pocket, which can be used to pay off the mortgage and get out from under the loan.

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