Be a Part of the Skyline: Luxury Real Estate NYC

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Be a Part of the Skyline: Luxury Real Estate NYC

It’s impossible to look at the skyline of Manhattan and not get excited. This is the city that has inspired millions of people for over 200 years. It’s a place where people come to make it, whatever their dream happens to be. When you’ve made it, why would you ever want to leave? Some of the most exciting residences in the world can be found here, and new skyscrapers are creating a 21st-century skyline for you to be a part of from the sophisticated ambiance in Tribeca, one of New York City’s legendary and most sought-after neighborhoods.

Sky High Homes

Lower Manhattan is experiencing a building Renaissance as new skyscrapers create hundreds of luxury apartments for sale in a single footprint. In Tribeca, buildings like 45 Park Place offer a retreat from the city that never sleeps among the quiet and private streets of a family-friendly neighborhood, that is nonetheless home to celebrities. In the heart of the city, you can find everything from your favorite new corner restaurant, to art galleries, to daycare for your child. This walkable neighborhood boasts some of the unique 19th and 20th-century architecture and is adding to it with innovative and beautiful 21st-century duplex apartments.

Get While the Getting is Good

As might be expected, an area with such amenities is in demand – and that demand creates very high home values. The housing market is cyclical especially in neighborhoods such as Tribeca that have many families living there. The apartments for sale market is warm and gives a marginal advantage to the buyer – for now. Given the high home values and selling prices, it makes sense to get in before the market flips to a seller’s market. Get in touch with a local New York City luxury real estate expert and find duplex of your dreams in Tribeca.

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