Celebrate Friendsgiving in Your Student Apartments in Clemson

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Celebrate Friendsgiving in Your Student Apartments in Clemson

Whether you are going home or staying in your apartment for Thanksgiving, it is not uncommon to celebrate what is known as “Friendsgiving” with your friends. In fact, Friendsgiving is a fun event many have added to their holiday traditions. Use the following ideas to host Friendsgiving with your classmates and neighbors in your student apartments in Clemson.

Choose a Location

The first thing you want to do is choose a location on the property for your dinner. You may be able to talk to the staff about using the student lounge for a few hours, and you can even invite others who need to use the lounge to dinner. If you are hosting a smaller, more intimate gathering, you may decide to host it in your apartment.

Make it Potluck

Of course, you need to consider the menu of your Friendsgiving dinner. If you do not want to cook the entire meal on your own, you can always host a potluck event. This way, everyone can bring a homemade or store-bought dish to dinner. Some guests may even decide to trade recipes for future dinner parties.

Ask Others to Pitch in

It never hurts to ask others to pitch in when planning your Friendsgiving dinner. A few guests can decorate the area or set the table for the occasion, while other guests can run to the store for last-minute essentials. You may also want to ask everyone to pitch in with cleaning up after dinner.

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