Essential Cleaning Tools for Keeping Your Off-Campus Housing Tidy

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Essential Cleaning Tools for Keeping Your Off-Campus Housing Tidy

No one can deny the benefits of having a clean apartment. However, in order to keep your LSU off campus housing clean, you’ve got to have the right tools. Listed below are a few of the essential cleaning implements you’ll need to maintain a tidy ship.

Broom and Mop

If your student apartment has any floors without carpeting, then a broom is indispensable. When you pick one up, don’t forget to grab a dust pan and a mop as well. For convenience, try to find a dust pan that snaps onto the top of the broom handle.


You’re going to need sponges for a few different jobs, from doing the dishes to cleaning countertops. Make sure to get more than one; you don’t want to use your countertop sponge to clean your dishes. And don’t forget to rinse them out between uses.


Rags are great for wiping off surfaces around your house during general cleaning time. They also work wonders for spills and other emergency situations. As with sponges, you’ll want to rinse your rags out when you’re finished using them.


You’ll need a good vacuum to keep your carpets and rugs free of dirt and dust. Vacuums also work great on hardwood floors and tile. If you get a unit with attachments, you’ll also be able to clean your furniture, drapes and hard-to-reach spots.

Toilet Bowl Brush

Toilet bowl brushes are essential for keeping your bowl clean. You can find compact ones with their own holders that fit inconspicuously behind or to the side of your toilet.

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