Finding Just the Right House to Meet Your Needs That’s Off Campus

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Finding Just the Right House to Meet Your Needs That’s Off Campus

When you make the decision to move off-campus, you should keep in mind that it’s a decision that comes with quite a bit of responsibility. Sometimes, you might need to find a roommate who can help you with the rent and other monthly payments that you need to make. Here are some ways to make the process of moving out on your own a little easier.


If you think that you’re going to need a roommate when you move to UCR off-campus housing, then you want to find someone well before moving into your new home. Think about the size of the apartment and how many roommates you might want to have. Advertise on the college campus to see if there’s someone else who is looking for a roommate.


Although there are usually several apartment complexes near college campuses, this isn’t the only kind of UCR off-campus housing option that might be available. You could look for a single-family home that could be less expensive, such as a small house that’s for rent or mobile home. These homes might be a bit more flexible when it comes to the terms of the lease as well.


If you don’t have a lot of things to take with you, then you want to ask about the amenities that are offered. Find out if there’s a refrigerator and a stove or if there are basic pieces of furniture that could be included, such as a couch or a table.

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