Five Advantages to Selling Your Home to a Cash Buyer

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Five Advantages to Selling Your Home to a Cash Buyer

You’ve seen the placards on telephone poles and at street corners — postings of people willing to purchase your home for cash. But are these offers for real? And do these people actually have the necessary cash to pay you? The fact is that these offers are very real, and there are many advantages to using them. Here are five of them.

No Appraisal Requirements

The average cost for an appraisal is between $300 and $400 today, according to Angie’s List, which will come out of your pocket when you’re selling a house. If you sell to a Cash Buyer For Homes San Antonio, it’ll cost you nothing. That’s because the cash buyer can estimate the value of your home, plus they’re going to require a discount in return because of the liquidity of the transaction.

Faster Closing

It can take months to sell your home through a real estate agent. Plus, you have to tidy up the place every time someone’s ready to come see it. With a cash buyer, the transactions can be handled within days or weeks, usually with an attorney present, according to USA Today.

Less Likelihood of Someone Bailing Out

A Cash Buyer For Homes San Antonio is serious about buying your house, and he’s not going to back out at the last minute. This saves you the heartache of losing a potential buyer and starting over.

No Repairs Needed

Cash purchasers will usually not ask you to make repairs, which can get expensive. They’ll simply reassess the value of your home during their visit and adjust their offer.

Frees You From Payments

A Cash Buyer For Homes In San Antonio may be just what you need to prevent you from foreclosing or filing bankruptcy. If nothing else, you’re now free to buy a new house or get an apartment and save the money. That’s provided your home is paid off or you pay it off.

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