How to Break Free from Living with Relatives as a UNCC Student in Charlotte

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How to Break Free from Living with Relatives as a UNCC Student in Charlotte

Hey there, fellow Charlotte 49er! How are you? Not so great? Why? You have been living with your relatives and are looking to break free from your living situation but do not know how or where to start? Undoubtedly, it can be extremely challenging living with relatives as you will not be afforded the privacy you long for. So, what will you do about your circumstances?

Find a Living Arrangement That Supports UNCC Student Life

The first thing that has likely crossed your mind in desperation is to move into a tiny dorm at school. Don’t do it. Living on campus will be another situation that you wish you had avoided. Why? You will be living with someone that may not respect your privacy, putting you back into the same position as before.

Why Living Off-Campus Will Be the Best Decision, You Will Make

So, your other choice would be to live off-campus. Living in an apartment off-campus will definitely provide you with everything you need to succeed as a student at UNCC. How? Not only will you have the ability to choose your roommate, but you can also be matched with someone that shares similar interests as you, a win-win situation.

Move Now Before Units Run Out

Are you now searching for the UNCC student apartments that are off-campus? If so, then look no further than to Latitude49. They offer spacious floorplans, per-person contracts, and roommate matching services with optional furniture packages. You will gain access to a pool, a fitness center, transportation services to the campus, private study rooms, and much more. So, when searching for the best off-campus UNCC student apartments to quickly move to, they are just a phone call or visit away. Contact Latitude49 at for directions today.

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