Narrowing Down Your Options-Midtown Apartments for Sale

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Narrowing Down Your Options-Midtown Apartments for Sale

Looking for midtown apartments for sale can be frustrating. Going from apartment to apartment to find the right place to put your real estate dollars can be time consuming and disappointing. Narrowing down your options before you meet with the broker can help you to keep finding the best midtown apartments for sale easy.

Make the List

The fact is while your broker may be a reliable source for information and shopping, you must live in the apartment you choose. Many times, a broker will persuade you to choose one area over another because it has been hard getting a foot hold in one area and making a sale. It is after all just business. Take control over the situation by making a list of the things you must have. Divide the list into 3 columns, first column should be non-negotiable, next column should be “wants” and the last column should be titled “deal breakers”.

Must Haves

Wherever you go in Manhattan to search for an apartment the pricing is going to be similar, in other words there really no bargain basement prices, so you must get your value in other ways. The value is found in finding the apartment that checks off your list of must haves like:

  • Great upkept building that is stylish and offer the amenities that are important to you like on-site parking, roof deck, concierge services, 24-hour doorman, a fitness room, children’s play area
  • Amazing location that is in the heart of everything
  • Well-thought out and nicely appointed residences

Narrowing down your options starts by ensuring that you do not have to compromise on your must have list and you get a few of the “wants” as well. 200 East 62nd fits the bill nicely, save time and start shopping right there!

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