Off-Campus Life Becomes Increasing Popular for State University Students

by | Aug 12, 2022 | Student Housing Center

A number of student housing communities now serve Iowa State University, which is excellent news considering that recent reports show that fewer people are living in campus housing blocks. Due to higher enrollment levels and a variety of construction projects, newcomers and sophomores have been looking for student apartments across ISU.

These apartments feature top-quality housing amenities that would be hard to get from a traditional dorm room. Some of the student apartments across ISU are just a two or three-minute walk from the deepest parts of the campus, which makes it easy to get to class on time even if someone has a very strict schedule.

They might include everything from a fire pit to an all-hours fitness center. Other features may include a clubhouse that comes complete with space to play games as well as a social calendar. Courtyard access, complete with fire pit use, has become increasingly common as well. Though many students are perfectly fine with planning their own activities, these apartments often have staff who always make sure to offer something that should appeal to everyone.

Perhaps most important is the fact that students who live in these apartments don’t have to worry when things go wrong since someone is always accountable for their maintenance. This is one of the biggest reasons that they’ve become such a popular alternative to more traditional on-campus housing resources. Those looking for student apartments across ISU should contact BlockONE at for more information on all of the available amenities.

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