Preparing to Move into Your First Apartment as a Full-time College Student

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Preparing to Move into Your First Apartment as a Full-time College Student

The dorms at college served the immediate purpose of getting you established as student on campus. However, now that you are past your freshman or sophomore year, you are ready to venture out into an apartment of your own.

As you look at your options for moving into one of the LSU student apartments, you also have to consider what it will take to get you approved for tenancy. These requirements are a few that you can expect to encounter when you fill out and submit an application.


Even though you are a full-time student, the landlords of the LSU student apartments will still want to know that you will have the means to pay your rent on time. When your application is run, the screening company will look at whether or not that you have the sources of income needed to satisfy the terms of your tenant contract.

Most landlords want you to make at least three times the rent in order to be approved. If you are moving in by yourself, you will have to meet this obligation on your own. However, if you are moving in with roommates, all of the apartment’s tenants will be screened together to make sure you all earn enough to pay the rent.

The sources of income can include wages from your job as well as scholarships and grants. Your student loans will not be considered as income.


The landlord will also want to know if you are a good tenant. To verify this, he or she will check your references. The references need to vouch that you will not wreck your apartment or violate the community rules.

You can find out more about the LSU student apartments in Baton Rouge online. Contact Lark Baton Rouge for details.

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