Remove the Headaches by Hiring a Salinas Property Management Company

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Remove the Headaches by Hiring a Salinas Property Management Company

If you are a land owner with single or multiple properties that you rent, it can be a time consuming and sometimes overwhelming experience. From calls at all hours if an emergency should occur to collecting rent every month, showing properties, screening tenants, and more, these things eat into your day and monopolize your time. By seeking out a property management company in Salinas, CA, you can invest wisely and have more time for other things.

Residential and Commercial Property Management

It doesn’t matter if you focus on residential or commercial properties or even have a blend of both, the process of renting them is essentially the same. You receive an application, you run credit checks and employment checks on every applicant, you speak to lawyers to draw up paperwork, the tenant signs and voila, you have a new renter. But what if this entire process could be handled by a third party leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your business? That is the basic principal of a property management company. Their sole purpose is to run your properties, so you don’t have to. Some services that may be provided to you include:

  • Billing services
  • On-line payment options for
  • Unlimited showings of your properties
  • Lease execution and negotiation review
  • Property move-in evaluation with photos
  • Collection of security deposit and first month’s rent
  • On call 24/7 in case of emergency
  • Annual property inspections
  • Collection of monthly rent and resident communication
  • Payment of bills (mortgage, utilities, insurance, property taxes, HOA fees)
  • Retain legal services at the owner’s expense

Get time back on your side! To get more information please call Coast & Valley Properties at (831)757-1270. They will customize their services to meet your specific needs.

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