Student Living Made Simple in Wilmington at Off Campus Housing

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Student Living Made Simple in Wilmington at Off Campus Housing

Flying away from the nest for the first time to attend college can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have the financial means to purchase everything you need before you leave home. Rather than stress out about what you need to buy, apply for this UNCW off campus housing that comes equipped with everything you need from the moment you step through the door. From pet-friendly accommodations to amenities that keep you in touch with your student community, everything you need to feel at home is right here in Wilmington.

Transportation Available

You don’t have to panic about getting a car so that you can commute to classes because these UNCW off campus housing units offer a bus system that shuttles students to campus within minutes. Don’t worry about long commutes on city buses or waiting for an Uber to take you to class. Take advantage of the fantastic amenities that make student life simpler at these student apartments.

No Furniture Required

A lot of students sacrifice many home comforts when they move away to college because they simply don’t have the money to purchase proper furniture. If all of your finances have gone into your education, then these student apartments can help. Simply apply for a unit that comes equipped with the furniture you need to remain comfortable, and everything will be ready and waiting on move-in day.

Visit Redpoint Wilmington to inquire about their UNCW off campus housing and the various amenities provided.

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