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When it comes to tax issues there are two basic concerns; one is tax planning and the other deals with disputes with the IRS or the state tax agencies. When one considers the legal strategies that are required they are quite different, in the first case the tax attorney helps to plan his clients affairs to take advantage of the lowest possible tax while the IRS litigation lawyer in Atlanta represent clients who are in dispute with the IRS.

In the event an individual tax payer or a corporation undergoes a tax audit an IRS litigation lawyer will represent the client at the audit or an appeal that results from the audit. An IRS litigation lawyer will represent clients who have a tax collection issue and prefer to make an offer of compromise or arrange for an installment plan to pay the tax obligation.

Although lawyers who help their clients with tax planning and lawyers who assist their clients in issues that may involve litigation both are fully versed on tax law, an IRS litigation lawyer in Atlanta also needs to have in-depth understanding of the administrative procedures followed by the IRS on a day by day basis. IRS revenue officers, auditors, etc rely on the revenue manual, a document that lays out in the minutest detail the rules that govern the conduct of IRS employees. The litigation lawyer must be fully abreast of the various statutes of limitations which stop the IRS from attempting to collect taxes, even though taxes are owed.

The US tax laws are extremely complex and to make matters worse for a taxpayer, the laws change almost every year. It is the responsibility of the tax lawyer to keep abreast of the latest changes in tax law so that he can advise clients correctly.

A tax payer, whether individual or corporate can be walking toward a mine field if they have difficulties with the IRS and they attempt to deal with them without the assistance of an IRS litigation lawyer in Atlanta. Penalties have the tendency to snow-ball out of control with a combination of penalties and interest; as a result it is in the best interest of the tax payer to solve any problems with the IRS as quickly as possible. Trying to outwait the IRS is futile; getting the problem solved while it is still manageable is the only way to deal with the IRS, waiting can result in much higher costs and may even result in a jail sentence.

Attorney Jeffrey L. Cohen is an IRS litigation lawyer in Atlanta with more than 30 years experience in representing clients who have tax issues. Whether you owe taxes and need to work out a compromise or you have assessed taxes that are unjust, you need seasoned representation when dealing with the IRS.

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