The Do’s of Thanksgiving If You Are Living in Temecula Apartments

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The Do’s of Thanksgiving If You Are Living in Temecula Apartments

Planning a simple Thanksgiving celebration is not a joke, especially if you are used to hosting parties in any of the apartments for rent in Temecula, CA. Since large gatherings are next to impossible when celebrating this holiday during these uncertain times, most especially in a space as small as an apartment, you’ll need all the help you can get to  make your Thanksgiving celebration still cozy, comfortable, and convenient for you and your housemates.

Do start planning today

You need to start planning as early as now. Do you have enough cookware and silverware? Do you need to clean out the fridge so that it can hold the turkey and all the other ingredients you need? How much available space do you have and how many close family members are you allowed to invite? You might need to sit down and write down the answers to these questions. You would also need to mentally map out how and in what order you should cook certain dishes for efficiency’s sake.

Do create a guest list.

Since you have limited space in Temecula apartments and parties are not encouraged, you need to restrict the number of guests. The most important rule of hosting is this: do not over invite. Given the pandemic, it’s unwise to hold a large gathering anyway.  Create your guest list, then start outlining the assigned seating arrangement.

Do get your apartment into shape.

Considering the pandemic restrictions, it is not wise to bring in a cleaning service so you’ll probably need to take care of this yourself. It’s important to deep clean your apartment. If need be, rearrange the furniture to accommodate your family members into the apartment. Lastly, stock some necessities like bathroom tissues, hand soap, and other cleaning products for everyone’s convenience.

Don’t try to cook every dish yourself.

Thanksgiving is a time for sharing. So, don’t be shy in asking your family members to bring at least one dish for potluck. This gives the whole family a chance to contribute and create the perfect Thanksgiving ambiance. Just make sure that you know which member will bring which dish to avoid any duplicates. This will also ensure that you have enough space in your oven or fridge, whenever necessary.

A word of advice though: Don’t forget to ask your family members if they have any food allergies or preferences. In this way, you can inform the whole party of what to bring and what not to bring to the potluck.

Don’t over decorate.

Keep your autumnal decorations to a minimum. Choosing small centerpieces will allow your family to see each other and mingle about without worrying about having obstructed views. This can also give you an advantage come cleaning time. Try to create a Thanksgiving wreath that could double as a centerpiece (just add a few candles in the middle), and you are all set.

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