Things to Think About Before Moving Into Military Housing in Norfolk

by | Feb 29, 2024 | Real Estate

Each time an individual or family has to move with the military, the question is whether to live on base or not to live on base. There are several things to consider that are both pros and cons when thinking about military housing in Norfolk.

On base, there is a loss of privacy. The military community is caring and concerned. But that can also lead to nosiness. Combine that with families living just a few feet from each other, and you have a community where everyone knows everything about everyone. In short order, you will know more about your neighbors than you want to, and they will know more about you than you may want to give off.

On the flip side, a person living in military housing in Norfolk will never find a stronger community. A strong bond is built because everyone understands everyone else’s trials, tribulations, joys, and celebrations. There’s something unique about talking about military-related aspects of life and knowing that the person sitting in front of you understands it in a way that civilians may not fully understand. Immersing yourself in this great military family can provide support and encouragement and create a constant reminder that you are never alone.

There can be a slight disconnect from civilian life. It can be easy to forget how to interact with civilians on the other side of the gate. Having relationships off base is definitely not an impossibility, but it might require just a little bit more effort.

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