Three “Must Haves” for Your Next Kilimanjaro Hike

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Three “Must Haves” for Your Next Kilimanjaro Hike

Planning is one of the first steps for a successful hike to the peak of Kilimanjaro with our team. With a few extra things in your bag you can ensure that your next adventure to the top of Kilimanjaro with our expert guides is safe and fun! Elements like volcanic grit and heavy dust (that gets everywhere fast!) can make your boots uncomfortable if you do not have gaiters for support. Additionally, there are times where the mountain can get extremely cold, so things like hand warmers are an awesome way to keep your feet and hands warm. At night, there are rocks and other uneven terrain elements around camp that are much easier to navigate with a headlamp. Having these three things, and a few bonus trip goodies, will help make your next Kilimanjaro hike not only memorable, but also exciting and fun too! Explained below are the three gear items that help make every Kilimanjaro hike that much more special.

Having Great Boots and Gaiters for Support

Good quality hiking boots and gaiters that wrap around them will help ensure that the tough volcanic grit and heavy dust that are known throughout the Kilimanjaro terrain stay out from under your feet, which is very uncomfortable. You will be hiking with our Climb Kili team day in and day out. Having comfortable and dry feet is a must for your adventure.

A Headlamp for Safety at Night

If you need to get up in the middle of night during one of our hikes, or just for general moving around during dinner, having a headlamp is a great idea. A tent light is great and a flashlight is better, but bringing an additional headlamp is best because it can free up your hands to eat, setup and breakdown gear and handle any nightly duties when nature calls unexpectedly. Keep a headlamp close by for safety, and to help ensure your Kilimanjaro hike stays fun!

Bring Hand Warmers for a Better Night’s Sleep

Hand warmers are one of those things which most hiking teams rarely tell you to bring. With Climb Kili, we always try to remember the little extras that make a trip enjoyable. Hand warmers can be used in your jacket or in your sleeping bag at night to help regulate temperature and ensure a great night’s sleep. Bring a few extras just in case it gets cold.

Additional items like sunglasses, a good hat and of course sunscreen are all important for any outdoor adventure. Make sure you consult with your Climb Kili trip coordinator to ensure you have everything you need for a successful and fun Kilimanjaro hike. Being prepared now can ensure your safety and a successful trip to the peak.

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