Three Reasons to Buy a Condo Instead of Renting an Apartment in NYC

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Three Reasons to Buy a Condo Instead of Renting an Apartment in NYC

If you’re thinking about moving, you want to make sure that you make a smart choice. You may want to consider buying a condominium in NYC instead of renting an apartment. Here’s why.


When you rent an apartment, that’s all you’re doing. You are paying each month to occupy space in someone else’s property. When you buy a condo, however, you are making an investment. You’re purchasing something that will be all yours. You can use it in the future to make money, or you can just live there happily for the rest of your life. There are many condos for sale in NYC for you to consider.

Customization Rights

When you buy condos for sale in NYC from 35 Hudson Yards, you will have the right to customize your home any way that you so desire. Way too often, apartment complexes place strict stipulations on what you can and cannot do inside of your home. 35 Hudson Yards has a gorgeous condominium in NYC that you can dress up any way you like. You can paint the walls, hang tons of pictures, change the carpet to a style you like. You’re likely to get a unit that already has an amazing setup, however.

Security and Protection

Another thing you’ll have if you buy a condo is security. If you buy from a reputable establishment, you can enjoy security as well as amenities such as dining, spas and clubs. Your life should be delightful. Investing a condo can make it that way for you.

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