Three Tips for New Students Living Off0Campus in Riverside, CA

Jun 8, 2021 by

Three Tips for New Students Living Off0Campus in Riverside, CA

If you’re ready to make the move into a student apartment, you probably have a lot of questions. Moving into your own place comes with a lot more responsibilities than staying with your parents or in a dormitory. Whether you’re a freshman eschewing the dorm life or an upperclassman making the move off campus, here are three tips to make your transition easier.

Choose Your Roommate Wisely

Many student apartments in Riverside, CA, are roommate-friendly, and splitting the costs makes off-campus living more affordable. However, it’s important that you and your roommates have compatible lifestyles and personalities. Remember that your best buddy isn’t always the best roommate. Make sure that everyone is in agreement about schedules, visitors, cooking and sharing space.

Plan Your Meals

You’ll have to say goodbye to family dinners and dining hall grub when you’re out on your own, so make a plan to budget for food and prepare meals.

Autopay Your Bills

The last thing you want to do is forget an important bill, so put your electricity, water and internet on autopay. Some student apartments in Riverside, CA, also allow you to set up autopay for your rent. Consider a joint account to simplify bills if you have roommates.

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