Three Tips for Students Searching for UNCW Off-Campus Housing

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Three Tips for Students Searching for UNCW Off-Campus Housing

As a student, you know how difficult it can be to find off-campus housing near your university. There are plenty of options for on-campus housing, but not so many nearby the school itself. If you’re looking for UNCW off-campus housing with easy access to all that your university has to offer, take a look at these tips!

Check With Your School’s Housing Office to See if They Have a List of off Campus Student Housing

There are many schools that do have off-campus student housing, and if your school is one of them it might be worth asking for a list. Your college’s housing office will usually know what the options in town are and can help you decide which ones would work best for you. If they don’t have any listings themselves, they should be able to point you in the right direction.

Research Nearby Neighborhoods and Find Out What Their Crime Rates Are Like

The last thing you want to do is move into a house or apartment that’s in an unsafe neighborhood. Make sure to look up the crime rates for any place you’re considering.

Be Aware Of the Noise Level in Each Neighborhood – Some Areas May Be Noisier Than Others Depending on How Close They Are too Busy Streets or Public Transportation Routes

This is something that’s difficult to know until you’re living in the area, but it will make a big difference. Some neighborhoods are quieter than others, and if noise bothers you this might be an important factor for where you decide to live.

If you’re searching for UNCW off campus housing, visit Redpoint Wilmington or call on (910) 765-0300 for more details.

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