Tips for first time home buyers

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Tips for first time home buyers

During the purchase or sale of a home, a real estate agent can almost become part of the family. Therefore, it’s important to find the right agent before the process begins. Buyers, sellers, and future clients of Sell It to Bob can use these guidelines during the search.

Assess Transactional Needs

Most agents are seller’s agents, which means they work to protect sellers’ interests. If the client wants to buy a home, they should hire a buyer’s agent to ensure they’re working with someone who has their interests in mind.

Learn About Real Estate Professionals

Buyers and sellers should understand the differences between various real estate experts. Brokers undergo additional training in ethics and real estate law and are licensed to maintain a brokerage and facilitate transactions.

Ask for References

If a person is moving to a new town or city where they don’t know anyone, they should ask for referrals. It’s important to find an agent who understands the client’s needs and can use their familiarity with the area to find them the right home.

Meet With Agents in the Workplace

Potential buyers can take agents’ names and phone numbers as they go through neighborhoods and, from there, can attend open houses to speak to listing agents. With an in-person interview, a buyer can get a glimpse of an agent’s personality while finding one who knows the area.

Ask the Right Questions

Once a buyer finds an agent they like, it’s time to write down some important questions and arrange interviews. Good questions to ask include:

• How long has the agent been in business?

• What mode of communication does the agent prefer?

• What’s the agent’s history in the buyer’s chosen geographical area?

While there are other questions to ask during the interview process, these are a great starting point for an informal interview.

Buying or selling a home can be frustrating, but the team at Sell It to Bob. Call or Visit today to get more information.

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