Tips to Keep in Mind When Looking at Real Estate in Victoria, BC

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Tips to Keep in Mind When Looking at Real Estate in Victoria, BC

Looking at real estate in Victoria, BC? When considering a home, consider more than just the asking price and interior features. Buyers must also watch for hidden cameras, consider expensive upkeep, and beware of unsavoury neighbours.

Read our recommendations below for additional information on what to keep in mind when you attend an open house or schedule a private viewing of a property.

Current House Size

Do you intend to expand your family? When looking at properties, consider this if you want to grow. A typical error many purchasers make is buying a tiny house, only to find out later that the space won’t accommodate their expanding family. Moving and then moving again in the near future is the very last thing you want to do.

Therefore, even though a two-bedroom apartment presently suits your needs, remember that needs can change over time. Ensure the home has the correct number of bedrooms and square footage to accommodate your future needs. Talk to your agent with RE/MAX Generation—The Neal Estate Group, Ron Neal, to ensure it meets your needs.


When it comes to real estate in Victoria, BC, considering the location of the property is essential. Although purchasers can swap out finishes, move walls, and repaint surfaces, they cannot alter the home’s location. Buyers must understand that a home’s location is its single most crucial feature.

More than any other element of a home, location affects resale value and overall value. You don’t want to have the nicest house on the worst block. So, while looking for a home, make sure to prioritize location.

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