We Buy Houses in Birmingham ALl: A Quick Guide to Selling a House for Cash

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We Buy Houses in Birmingham ALl: A Quick Guide to Selling a House for Cash

The phrase “We buy houses in Birmingham, AL,” is music to the ears of homeowners who want to sell their house fast for cash. Cash house sales are a hassle-free, simple way to liquidate an estate in two weeks or less. Here’s how it works

Cash House Sales: The Basics

Cash house sales are a basic process. An interested buyer offers a homeowner cash for a house they want to sell. If the seller agrees to the offer, the buyer takes care of all the necessary paperwork. A reputable, local title company oversees the transaction. The seller closes on any date they choose. Sellers typically walk away with cash in as little as seven to 10 days.

Benefits of Cash House Sales

Cash house sales are direct sales between a homeowner and a private investor, a cash house sales company. This cancels out the expensive steps associated with selling one’s home via a real estate agency.

There is no need to list the house, complete repairs, stage the house, host open houses or tours. There are no agent commissions, lawyer’s fees or closing costs to take chunks out of the homeowner’s profits.

Eligibility Requirements

There are no eligibility requirements to sell one’s home. One can sell the house as-is to liquidate an estate, dodge foreclosure, divide profits after a divorce, get cash to settle debts or to unload an unwanted rental property. Despite the house’s condition, a fair market cash offer is still possible with cash house sales.

To get started, visit Birmingham Homebuyers LLC at CashForHousesBham.com, a trusted, efficient company whose motto is “We buy houses in Birmingham, AL.”

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