Why Do People Choose Upper East Side Condos?

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Why Do People Choose Upper East Side Condos?

Upper East Side condos are highly sought after, it is actually a phenomenon of sorts. There are quite a few reasons that people choose to live in condos on the Upper East Side. The UES is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Manhattan because it has so much to offer. Whether you are single or you have a family the UES has something for you.

What Is It About the UES?

The UES is a well-established area that is rich with culture, shopping, restaurants and outdoor green spaces. It may be the great shopping that lures some people, or it may be their love of art and culture and being near some of the world’s best museums. For other people, especially with children it is the great schools, outdoor spaces and child friendly activities in the area. Other people still, realize the value of buying a condo in a sought after highly established area. Here are what other people have to say:

  • It’s the diversity
  • It is the central location
  • It is the schools, shops and community
  • It is the great living spaces

The Diversity

One of the reasons that people are choosing the UES over other neighborhoods in the city is the cultural diversity that is ever present. You have restaurants, shops, neighbors, art and more that represents cultures from around the globe. It is a place where everyone works together to make the neighborhood safe, welcoming and friendly. The diversity of the UES is evident everywhere you turn.

The Location

You can get anywhere in Manhattan in minutes from the UES! This is a big selling point for midtown workers.

The Community

It is just a great place to live that has something for everyone.

The Living Spaces

252 E 57th has some of the best spaces on the upper east side!

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