Your New Start as a College Student: 3 Tips for Finding Student Housing

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Your New Start as a College Student: 3 Tips for Finding Student Housing

Student housing can be a difficult thing to secure, especially when you’re going to a popular school like the University of Florida. The good news is that you can make your search a little easier by narrowing down your options and finding reputable, high-quality student housing in Gainesville, FL. Here are just a few tips for your housing hunt!

  • Know Your Budget

This might sound obvious, but some students are surprised by their first round of bills. It’ll probably be more than just rent. It’ll also have power, water, sewage and other utilities in addition to extras like parking and laundry services. What’s your monthly limit for everything?

  • Consider Your Ease of Living

The best student housing is usually located near campus. It might also offer shuttle services, study spaces and other things that make it more convenient for busy students. Some apartments even have on-site pools and gyms for relaxation after big exams!

  • Think About the Floor Plan

Do you want a roommate? Student housing options range from studios and one-bedroom apartments to standalone family homes with four, five and even six bedrooms. You should also think about your communal living spaces such as kitchens, dens, patios and dining rooms. You won’t want to spend your entire college career locked in your bedroom, after all!

When you’re looking for student housing in Gainesville, FL, nothing but the best will do. Contact Redpoint Gainesville at to get started with your college journey by securing your accommodations and living your best life!

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