Advantages of Living Downtown in Convenient, Upscale IUPUI Student Housing

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Advantages of Living Downtown in Convenient, Upscale IUPUI Student Housing

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis is in downtown Indianapolis. It’s a campus of Indiana University that also offers degrees from Purdue. Many students prefer to live off-campus while still being close to the university. They may be interested in upscale IUPUI student housing apartments within easy walking distance of campus.

An Energetic, Friendly Environment

Prospective students must consider the characteristics of the city where the schools being considered are located. Usually, they are not completely isolated from the outside environment, even if they live in a residence hall. Those who enroll at this university enjoy the advantages of living in the energetic downtown atmosphere of a big city known for its small-town friendliness.

Walking and Public Transport

IUPUI student housing close to the school allows people to experience the benefits of urban life while concentrating on their studies. The public transport system in and around downtown is convenient, although stops are limited farther from the city’s center. Many places are easy to walk to.

Things to Do in the City

Restaurants, museums, and other cultural attractions, and plenty of free activities take place in this area. Area residents can go to concerts of several types. They can take in college and professional basketball games if they are so inclined. The night life is busy, with businesses welcoming those age 21 or older.

This type of convenient student housing with many appealing amenities is available at LUX on Capitol.

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