Enjoy Your College Years In Wilmington With Off-Campus Housing Options

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Enjoy Your College Years In Wilmington With Off-Campus Housing Options

One of the most significant concerns about moving away from home for college is whether or not you’ll have personal space to call your own. At these UNCW off-campus housing units, you can enjoy a spacious floorplan with roomies that you bring along yourself or who are carefully chosen for you. You won’t find a front porch swing or a front yard when you move into a dorm room, but you can enjoy all these comforts of home and more just minutes away from campus.

Don’t Miss Out on the College Experience

So much of the college experience involves getting to know your peers and building lasting relationships with others who share common interests and goals. On top of having a resort-style pool, a rock wall to climb, sandy volleyball courts, and several bonfires pit to hang out around, you can also attend the many events that are planned for residents and their college friends.

Bring Your Furry Friend

It can be difficult to move away from your family for the first time, that’s why they allow you to bring your four-legged friend along for the college ride when you move into this UNCW off-campus housing. Having a pet close by cannot only help you feel more at home, but a friendly face can also help you cope with the stresses of college life as well.

Contact Redpoint Wilmington to learn more about the amenities available and more about this UNCW off campus housing.

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