Apartment Living in Manhattan: Pros and Cons

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Apartment Living in Manhattan: Pros and Cons

Looking into apartments for sale in Manhattan? When buying an apartment, it is good to know the pros and cons of living in an apartment building. There are many things that you may have never thought about with apartment living, especially if this is your first. Let these few pros and cons help you decide if apartment living is right for you.


  • No maintenance. Almost all apartment complexes have their maintenance costs covered by the landlord or corporate owner. This is great for you because if something goes wrong, it is covered by your landlord. If a pipe breaks, it is usually the fault of the building owner not your own.
  • Amenities. Most apartment complexes come with a ton of amenities. These can range from a coffee bar to a pool, to workout center. Make sure to look into what is offered before moving in.
  • Is it just you? Since apartments are smaller, it is ideal for someone who lives alone. Your space will be manageable, and so will your bills. A smaller space means less upkeep for you and you will be better able to manage the smaller bills that come in turn.
  • Billing. Apartments cost you less in things like heat, water, electricity, and other things. Life is fairly expensive, to begin with, so why get a space that costs you more money than you need? Ask what your projected bill costs will be while looking at the space.


  • Smaller space. Although less space can be ideal, it can also be challenging. If you own a lot of things, it can be difficult to store all of it in an apartment. Especially if the apartment complex doesn’t offer any additional storage.
  • Noise. How apartment complexes are built factors into the way that noise is generated within your space. If you are not the top floor, you might hear the footsteps, and the seemingly endless, scraping of furniture. Excessive noise may be a problem in an apartment complex.
  • It can be hard to personalize. There are a lot of codes and regulations within apartment complexes. You may not be able to personalize your home as much as you’d like because of community guidelines.
  • Parking. If you own a car, parking can be a headache. Most apartment complexes offer some sort of parking space for their tenants, but that does not mean that they provide enough parking spaces.

Apartment Life Sound Like a Dream?

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