Five Advantages of Selling to a Reputable Cash House-Buying Company

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Five Advantages of Selling to a Reputable Cash House-Buying Company

The cash-for-houses ads are everywhere these days, whether you see them on telephone poles or on cable television. This indicates there’s a demand for this type of service and more people are taking advantage of it. If you’re in a situation where you need to sell now, you should contact a legitimate cash home-buying firm. Here’s why.

Easy Process

When you respond to a we buy houses in Union County offer, the process is extremely simple. You’ll either fill out a form online or call a buying firm directly. You’ll then make an appointment for a buying agent to see your house. At that point, if the company is interested, you’ll usually hear back from your representative within a day or two.

Quick Sale

Once you receive an offer, it usually takes a week to 10 days to complete the sale. As an added courtesy, you’ll usually get to choose the closing date. You can also invite your attorney to the closing to protect your interests.

Cash Upfront

In a we buy houses in Union County transaction, you’ll receive cash for your house. Because of the liquidity of the arrangement, you’ll receive less than market value from the sale. This is just how cash offers work.

No Appraisal Fee

Today’s appraisals usually cost anywhere from $300 to $500, according to Angie’s List. However, a reputable cash home-buying company will not expect you to pay for one. The company already knows the prices of homes in your neighborhood.

Excellent Track Record

An established firm that promotes we buy houses in Union County deals will usually have a successful track record. You can even read about some of your home-buying company’s clients on its website.

When you sell to a cash house-buying company, you eliminate the risk of getting turned down for a loan when you purchase your next property. That’s because you’ll have the cash to buy it.

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