Paying an Agent a Flat Fee Can Make Negotiating a Deal Much Easier

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Closing costs are an important issue for both buyers and sellers to consider when it comes time to complete a real estate transaction. For buyers, keeping closing costs to a minimum makes a home purchase more affordable. For sellers, keeping closing costs down means more money in their pocket once the deal is finalized.

Flat Fees Can Be Easier to Budget

In many cases, real estate agents will split a commission of up to 6% of the final sale price of a home. This means that neither party knows how much they will gain in commission until the deal is done. By working with a flat fee realty Connecticut provider, everyone knows what the agent gets ahead of time. Furthermore, the flat fee may give both buyers and sellers confidence that an agent isn’t trying to negotiate a higher sale price just to get a larger commission check.

The Parties Can Focus on Negotiating Other Aspects of the Deal

If an individual works with a flat fee realty Connecticut provider, it may be possible to spend more time and energy haggling for savings elsewhere. For instance, it may be possible to ask for a credit to upgrade appliances in the kitchen or to repair a weak spot in the roof.

Buyers may also be able to negotiate the timing of a sale so that it coincides with the end of a lease or the closing date on the sale of their current homes. An agent may be able to help a party to a real estate transaction conduct negotiations in a manner that is most likely to lead to a favorable conclusion.

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